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The leading producer and seller of pots, trays and sticks with a history that goes back generations! We develop and produce the right pot for every grower out there. If it will support or help a plant grow, you’ll find it at Van Tuijl.

Close ties to customers

Van Tuijl’s strength lies in its close ties to its customers, forged by the personal approach of our sales team. Thanks to these strong relationships with our customers, we can accommodate even the most specific needs, wishes and details and translate them into an existing or custom-made product.

Van Tuijl has been around for generations

We’d like to tell you how Van Tuijl came to be, but to do so, we will have to take a trip back in time, because Van Tuijl has been around for generations. What began as a company specialising in animal feed, compost and potting soil made the switch to stoneware flower pots in the early 70s. A few years later, in 1974, we started producing our own plastic flower pots under our own brands.



Complete product range for growers

Over the years, Van Tuijl has expanded its product range to include hanging pots, plant containers, plant trays, outer pots, decorative pots, plug trays, tonkincanes, flowersticks / split bamboo and plant racks in all shapes and sizes. If it’ll support or help a plant grow, you’ll find it at Van Tuijl.

Vatuplast, the right pot for you

Vatuplast, a subsidiary of Van Tuijl, was founded in 2001 and has its own production facilities for injection-moulded pots in Haaften, Ede and Ochten, which enables it to sell high-quality products at very competitive prices. Find out more about Vatuplast

Vatusticks products

In 2011, Van Tuijl founded its second subsidiary, Vatusticks, to import tonkin canes and bamboo stakes. Van Tuijl also sells these high-quality products at highly competitive prices. Find out more about Vatusticks

The sustainable alternative to plastic trays

Ecoclicktray is one of Van Tuijl’s latest patented innovations, serving as a sustainable alternative to plastic transport trays in the horticulture industry. Van Tuijl has successfully effected sustainable changes in the horticulture industry by providing highly suitable alternatives that significantly reduce the use of plastic and finally make natural products such as plants truly sustainable. Find out more about Ecoclicktray

Exclusive dealer of PlantPaper

Halfway through 2019, Van Tuijl obtained the exclusive dealing rights for PlantPaper products in the Netherlands and Belgium. The PlantPaper paperpot is a biodegradable paper cover that produces unique airflow to accelerate plant root growth. Super sustainable! Van Tuijl enjoys advising growers and will happily draw up a full summary of all costs & investments involved, in consultation with PlantPaper. PlantPaper also manufactures various user-friendly machines that growers can use to make their own paperpots. Interested? Please contact us, and we’ll happily tell you all about it.


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