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Plantpaper young plants

Let's grow together! The Paperpot is a biodegradable paper sleeve that envelops growing mediums and can be used as a substitute for traditional plastic pots or bags. Paperpots can be planted straight into a field or garden, where the plant’s roots will easily grow through the paper. Unlike other types of paper products, PlantPaper’s pots leave no microplastics or adhesives in the soil, making them entirely biodegradable, as is proven by the product’s certifications.

The perforations in the paper improve aeration and will often help seedlings grow better root structures at a faster rate. Van Tuijl and PlantPaper can provide the necessary advice and help with tests on your own substrate, as Van Tuijl is PlantPaper’s exclusive dealer in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Watch the video and scroll down to find out more about the various machines. To find out more about PlantPaper, get in touch with Frits van Duijn by sending an e-mail frits@vth.nl of  06-57351255.



Semi-automatic PlantPaper machine

Look beyond the money: there’s more factors to consider when upgrading your production. We believe that reliability and stability will prove key in the years to come, whilst offering a high degree of flexibility and minimal downtime.

This machine was designed to have a high production capacity whilst also being the most user-friendly machine out there. PlantPaper 2-in-1 was created to meet the requirements of most growers around the world. As standard, the 2-in-1 is shipped as a double-sided line, which means you can create pots with the same diameter on both sides or, alternatively, 2 different diameters.

The PlantPaper 2-in-1 was designed to produce Paperpots with diameters ranging from Ø15 to Ø80 mm, and it can be upgraded with extra features such as a turf lifter, tray filler and cutting tool.

  • 2 independent machines in 1
  • Adjustable density
  • Adjustable substrate volume
  • Removable vacuum tank for easy cleaning
  • Easily adjustable length (no tools needed)
  • Easy view of substrate level
  • Low maintenance costs


Fully automatic plant paper machine

Due to popular demand, PlantPaper also decided to design a new, fully automated machine, promising a high production capacity along with minimal labour costs.

The automated machine was designed as an add-on to the PlantPaper 2-in-1 Paperpot machine. It offers full flexiblity with regard to tray selection and Van Tuijl has all the expertise it needs to provide you with expert advice.

Paperpot diameter

15 mm    40 mm
18 mm    45 mm
20 mm    48 mm
25 mm    50 mm
30 mm    60 mm
32 mm    70 mm
35 mm    80 mm
36 mm    100 mm
40 mm    120 mm

Odd sizes may be possible in consultation.



More information about PlantPaper

We’d love to tell you more about PlantPaper, so let us know if you’d like to know more! For an appointment or just an answer to a quick question, contact Frits van Duijn by sending an e-mail to frits@vth.nl of telefonisch via 06-57351255. We're here for you.