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Vatuplast is Van Tuijl’s injection-moulding subsidiary that allows us to produce and deliver a comprehensive range of pots. When market signals showed us that demand for bespoke pots was increasing, Van Tuijl founded its subsidiary Vatuplast in 2001. Most pots are produced in house, with only a small number of products outsourced to third-party injection-moulding companies.  

The right plant pot

We listen closely to the needs and wishes of growers, exporters and retailers in the horticulture and soft fruit sectors and our experienced representatives love sitting down with growers, exporters and retailers to translate their needs and wishes into the right plant pot. Vatuplast pots are sold at a very competitive price point and offer tremendous quality.

Wide range of successful pot models

It is a fact that Vatuplast has a large range of successful plant pots, which is the best possible proof that Vatuplast has the experience and expertise needed to meet the needs of growers, exporters and retailers.

Vatuplast is cylos-HTP certified

To meet the market’s demands and accommodate our customers, we submitted out Vatuplast product range to the Cyclos-HTP Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility, the world’s premier recycling certification body. Our Vatuplast pots are fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled PP, earning them the official Cyclos-HTP certificate in March 2020.

Custom flower pot

Do you have ideas for your own flower pot, plant container or some other plastic product? Apart from its regular range of products, Vatuplast also manufactures custom-made products, developed in close cooperation with growers, exporters and retailers.

More information

To find out more about Vatuplast, please get in touch with Van Tuijl B.V. by sending an e-mail to info@vth.nl or calling us on +31 (0)418-592355