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Root Barrier

Are your plant roots getting stuck?
Van Tuijl has the solution! Root Barrier.

The unique and innovative protective layer provided by Root Barrier prevents roots from getting stuck! Applying this protective layer to the tray will stop roots from growing into the pores of the plastic.

Why choose Root Barrier trays?

  • Greater flexibility and efficiency in the production process
  • Automatic transplantations with larger plants;
  • Less damage and plant loss due to root-bound plants;
  • Perfect root quality
  • Fully recyclable

Innovative technology in horticulture!

  • Tried & tested technology
  • Does not affect water quality (inert material)
  • No residue in discharge water
  • Compatible with all Modiform trays

Close cooperation

This unique and innovative protective layer for plant roots was created in collaboration with Modiform and LKP Plants. Root Barier has passed rigorous tests and all growers who have started using Root Barrier are incredibly happy with the results.

More information

To find out more about Root Barrier, please get in touch with Van Tuijl B.V. by sending an e-mail to info@vth.nl or calling us on +31 (0)418-592355